A dental bridge is a fixed prosthesis that seeks to replace one or several missing teeth
which need to be supported by the teeth adjacent on each side of the empty space.
make a dental bridge it is necessary to prepare the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth as
crowns, since the dental bridge is a solid structure which is elaborated by a dental
laboratory and consists of joining the crowns on the remaining teeth and the crown(s) of
the tooth or teeth to replace.
The process to make a dental bridge consists ideally of two
appointments: The first one, to prepare the teeth for the bridge, take impressions, and
send them to the dental laboratory, which will take approximately 7 business days to
elaborate it.
Meanwhile, a temporary bridge will be placed. The second appointment will be
to cement the final bridge.
The number of appointments may vary depending on the case of each patient.
At Advanced Smiles Dentistry we offer dental bridges made of porcelain fused to metal,
porcelain layered zirconia, full ceramic and full zirconia bridges.
The selection of the
material will be chosen depending on the needs of the patient.

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